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New Site

Thu 29 January, 2009

I’m moving to

See you there!


Who’s coming with me?

Mon 15 September, 2008

The Powerhouse Museum is about to put on a massive Star Wars exhibition.

‘Go on an epic journey through the Star Wars universe with over 80 costumes, models and full-scale replicas from all six films’

I signed up to the newsletter and I’ll update on developments, I know you all want to do this with me.



Tue 1 July, 2008

This blog will be up whilst I set up new hosting on my own site for a blog that I shall make very fancy.

This will contain semi-regular reports of what’s going on in and around my life, my thoughts and opinions on all matters of current affairs, theology, love and whatever else I may happen to think about as well as interesting or humourous links to articles, pictures, videos, etc that I find on my travels across the web.