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It’s almost Summertime…

Tue 16 September, 2008

This Summer feels like it’s going to be a scorcher already, and for it I have two goals.

  1. Get fit
  2. Get rid of my moon tan

Anyone feel like joining me on this endeavour?



Tue 2 September, 2008

Was my birthday on Sunday, had a good time after church at Dan’s. Feels good that I can’t be called a teenager anymore. I’m getting a new computer chair amongst other things like raiding Koorong, I’m such a nerd.


Goings On

Wed 13 August, 2008

I thought I’d let everyone know what I’m up to currently.

On Sunday, I woke up with excruciating back pain that 2 Panadeine Forte didn’t make a difference to, had to spend Monday in bed. It’s better now but isn’t gone. Prayer for this would be great thanks.

Dad is going into hospital on Friday to have a piece of tissue, left behind from the last operation, removed from an artery next to his heart that is causing a blockage. They can just put a tube up there to remove it so he should be out in a day or two. Prayer for this also would be much appreciated.

I’m testing software to write up a guide on useful free applications that can be installed on usb keys. Most software will store settings or temporary files it uses on some part of the computer that isn’t the folder the program is contained in (ie. the Registry). This means software has to be modified in some cases to be self contained.

I’m going to set up a account to share miscillaneous links to things I find that I think people will also enjoy/benefit from. This is because every time I collect a good link I’m too lazy to make a blog post about just one. I’ll post a link to this and the RSS feed once it is set up (and actually has some content).



Mon 21 July, 2008

I should’ve done this on Friday when I got back so you can all just pretend this was written 5 minutes after I arrived home.

I just got back from spending Monday to lunchtime today at Wintercon, Newcastle Christian Students’ annual conference. It was held at Crosslands in Galston, my fourth camp there now, it’s a great spot if not a bit cold hard to drive to. Overall the week was amazing, Greg Lee’s talks were off the hook and I’ll provide a link to them when they’re uploaded. They were on Guidance and extremely helpful and encouraging, I strongly recommend every young student listen to them. I met some great people and made some good friends that are making me consider Newcastle amongst my considerations for UTS, Sydney or NSW for Uni. I think I’ll go next year even if I’m going to a different uni, it was that good a time.

So to sum up Wintercon is awesome and you should come with me next year even if you’re not studying or even of student age.


Canberra Trip

Thu 10 July, 2008

So I just got back from a few days in Canberra, I was seeing a good friend called Les Sillis. Some of you may know him, if you don’t know name you may remember an basketball camp with a group of American Christians that was run a few years ago at CCEC, well he organised that. He’s also the man responsible for converting the ex-Rugby League player Jason Stevens who wrote a book about waiting until marriage for sex among others. Anyway, he’s been diagnosed with what the doctors believe is cerebral vasculitis, he was having mini-strokes and has sustained some memory loss. He’s been having chemo treatments as well as other pretty strong medication. Overall he’s doing pretty well though, he’s recovering well and it’s all looking up. Still, prayer for Les would be great.

In lighter news I also visited the War Memorial (now that I think about it that isn’t very light at all), which was an excellent and moving experience. I reccomend it as something to see if you’re ever in Canberra.



Fri 4 July, 2008

Holidays are a strange time. I very much needed this break as it felt like a massive semester and I was working on assignments right up until the end. Also, if there’s anything I love, it’s relaxing and lazing about.

So whilst it’s good to have this rest I also dislike holidays for a few reasons. Firstly I never seem to do much with my friends during holidays, it seems strange but we all just seem to go off and do our own thing and never really get together. Secondly, bible study groups and youth break up. The lack of scheduled looking at God’s word seems to disrupt my walk, I always become slack with reading my bible and prayer during this time.

I suppose that’s all I really had to say about that.