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Useful Firefox Extensions Part 1

Tue 14 October, 2008

Yes, Chrome has come out and it is faster, but Firefox still has some strengths that keep me from changing. The major one of these is extensions.

Extensions are free addons which provide Firefox with increased functionality and features, improving your web browsing experience. This list is of the ones which I have found to be the most useful. If you don’t find any of these useful or perhaps you do and want even more, I encourage you find and try out others at Mozilla’s database – .

After realising I’m not going to finish this for ages after already procrastinating with it for months, I’m going to post these in instalments. So if you have a favourite add on, let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out. There’s a good chance I’m already going to have it on my list, though.

But enough, let’s just get to the list.

AdBlock Plus

You have to download this, no excuses. Blocks 99% of ads on the net, banner ads, popup ads, annoying moving around the screen ads, those stupid ads that make sounds when you move your mouse over them, etc. Also, if you wish to see ads on a certain page, you can tell AdBlock to allow ads for certain pages or domains.

IE Tab

Found that some pages don’t work in Firefox? Right click the link and you can select to open it in a new tab using IE from within your browser. Problem solved. You can also click on the Firefox logo on the bottom right hand of the browser to swap it into IE mode.


I find this to be the easiest to use IRC client around, even better than dedicated programs such as mIRC.


Download manager built into Firefox, gives you the option to use it when the file download box appears. Great for huge files. Bookmarks

Bookmark the page your browsing to delicious with the press of a button, no more having to copy the link and open delicious.

Net Usage Item

Displays how much data you have used in the current month and how close you are to your cap. Works with almost every Australian ISP.
In order for it to appear you may have to right click in empty space on your Toolbar go to Customize and then drag Additional Usage Item 1 onto wherever you want it.


Useful for people wondering where the site they’re on is located in the world, will show you the country’s flag either in the bottom right corner or at the end of your Address bar.

English (Australian) Dictionary

Spell checker whilst you type with a description that sums it up well. “I’m sick of all my favoUrite coloUrful language being marked incorrect.”


Great for web designers and graphics people. Places an eyedropper tool you can select from the bottom left corner of the browser, customisable to show whatever colour value you wish ie. RGB or hex.

Youtube Comment Snob

I love this extension, can’t stand all the stupid comments on Youtube videos? Sick of the fact that a video about a kitten eating corn has an argument about McCaine and Obama in the comments? Well worry no more, they all disappear with this.

Stay tuned for the 2nd part due out some time in the near future.


Tue 19 August, 2008

Here’s my account.

Here’s the RSS feed for it.

It will mostly be free tools and resources found on the web for all sorts of things, it will however have Christian stuff that I feel like sharing and whatever funny/interesting/important things I see.


Goings On

Wed 13 August, 2008

I thought I’d let everyone know what I’m up to currently.

On Sunday, I woke up with excruciating back pain that 2 Panadeine Forte didn’t make a difference to, had to spend Monday in bed. It’s better now but isn’t gone. Prayer for this would be great thanks.

Dad is going into hospital on Friday to have a piece of tissue, left behind from the last operation, removed from an artery next to his heart that is causing a blockage. They can just put a tube up there to remove it so he should be out in a day or two. Prayer for this also would be much appreciated.

I’m testing software to write up a guide on useful free applications that can be installed on usb keys. Most software will store settings or temporary files it uses on some part of the computer that isn’t the folder the program is contained in (ie. the Registry). This means software has to be modified in some cases to be self contained.

I’m going to set up a account to share miscillaneous links to things I find that I think people will also enjoy/benefit from. This is because every time I collect a good link I’m too lazy to make a blog post about just one. I’ll post a link to this and the RSS feed once it is set up (and actually has some content).


Useful Free Software

Mon 28 July, 2008

Before you read

Why would you spend your precious, precious time writing all of this up for us unworthy beings not able to find these amazing programs for ourselves? In one word – ministry. Much if not almost all Ministry work these days involves IT in some aspect, if I can help even one person to make a multimedia illustration work or be more polished, some handouts look cleaner and more appealing or if one just helps you work faster or keep your computer running better then this has all been worth it. Also, they’re all free (legally free, too) so I’m saving you money that can be used somewhere better.

Will these break my computer or fill it with spyware/viruses/killer bees? All of these programs don’t mess with critical parts of your computer so there should be no reason that your PC breaks if you install any of them. If by some freak chance it happens, don’t sue me. All of these were tested by me and work fine (no viruses/spyware/killer bees either). I’m running Vista x64 so they all work on XP and Vista (in theory).

I’m using a Mac! How dare you neglect me! Sorry but it’s a Windows world, any programs that are Mac compatible I will tag for you. Heaps of these work with Linux too, but if you’re using Linux you probably know about most of these programs already or just coded a program that does the same thing yourself.

The program didn’t work, HELP ME! Uninstall it, reinstall it then restart your computer. If that doesn’t work, then there are alternative freeware programs to some of these that I can point you to. If I know of a good commercial solution, I will let you know about that, too.

This program sucks! Find me a better one! I’ve put here what I believe to be the best program in its field. If don’t like it then there are alternative freeware programs to some of these that I can point you to. If I know of a good commercial solution, I will let you know about that, too. Anyhow, let’s start.

Luke’s Useful Free Software Guide



Audacity [Windows] [Mac]
Multitrack audio recorder and editor – chop, change, cut, whatever, you can do it with this. Tons of extra plug-ins for it if you need it to do something special.


Paint.NET [Windows]
Originally a Microsoft project to update paint.exe, it was canned but the developers continued with it. Very powerful, does most things you could ever want to do with an image editor and easier to use than the GIMP.


VLC Media Player [Windows] [Mac]
Ever tried to play a file and found that it won’t work? Then you need VLC, it supports pretty much every video format and codec under the sun and it is tiny. Can also stream videos over networks.

Combined Community Codec Pack [Windows]
Pretty much every codec under the sun, if you really don’t want to use VLC then you should get this so that your media player can support whatever you wish to use. Regularly updated with the latest version of every codec. Even if you get VLC you should install this anyway.

HandBrake [Windows] [Mac]
Hate having to switch over to a DVD for an illustration? Rip it straight to your hardrive and insert into your PowerPoint then delete afterwards. Also great for splicing movie scenes into videos from certain youth camps or advertising events, etc.

Real Alternative [Windows]
I hate Real Player, it’s a hunk of junk that hogs too much RAM, spams you with ads and has a terrible interface. Sometimes however I need to view a file that is in a Real format, so I just use this, problem solved.


MediaCoder [Windows]
Want to convert an audio or video file into a different type? MediaCoder will do every format under the sun and do it well.


DScaler [Windows]
Have a TV card in your computer and hate the player that came with it? Then get this. Like the software that came with your TV card? Get this anway.



Avast! Anti-Virus [Windows] [Mac]
Actually performs better than Norton Anti-Virus, is on par if not better than AVG and has a much nicer interface. Also, it uses a pirate term for the name. I’m providing an alternative here, Avria AntiVir consistently wins many virus software tests and has a free version, the only reason why I don’t like it is that it likes to advertise the fact that there’s a paid version a fair bit.


Spybot Search & Destroy [Windows]
Regarded by many as the best program for finding and deleting spyware, must have if you happen to use the internet (and I don’t think your reading the paper version of this).

Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox [Windows] [Mac]
Are you using Internet Explorer? Well stop it. Firefox is better in every single way, I can’t even begin to explain. Loads pages faster, is more secure, easier to use, has amazing plugins, tabbed browsing + heaps heaps more. (Also better than Safari)

Mail Client

Mozilla Thunderbird [Windows] [Mac]
Same deal as above, get rid of Outlook/Outlook Express. This is much, much more secure and just all round better.

RSS Feeds

FeedDemon [Windows]
FeedDemon is an RSS reader that is more powerful and advanced than FeedReader, but also free. Creating a NewsGator account with it means that you can access all of your feeds on the web or by logging in through the program anywhere.


Microsoft SyncToy [Windows]
Something good from Microsoft! SyncToy is free and pretty much the best synchronisation tool for keeping two folders identical, great for backing up your USB key to your hard drive.

CD Burner

InfraRecorder [Windows]
Burns CDs and DVDs, does it better than that built in thing for Windows, has almost all the features of Nero and works just as well.


JDiskReport [Windows] [Mac]
So your Hard drive is full and you have no idea where all the space went, JDiskReport will scan your hard drives and show where all your space is being taken up in a nice interactive pie chart.

CPU-Z [Windows]
Tiny program that gives you every single detail about your computer you will ever need when the tech guy asks, details things I don’t even know about.



Google Pack [Windows]
Every Google product as well as some good extras. Contains StarOffice, an enhanced version of OpenOffice which is compatible with all Microsoft documents and as powerful as MS Office. You can choose which things you do and don’t want in the package (uncheck RealPlayer).
Google Earth
, Google Toolbar for IE, Norton Security Scan, Spyware Doctor, Google Desktop, Picasa, Firefox with Google Toolbar, Google Photos Screensaver, Adobe Reader, Google Talk, Skype, RealPlayer, StarOffice.

Instant Messaging

Digsby! [Windows] [Mac in development]
IM Support: MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook chat, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Jabber Social Network Support: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
Email support: Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo, POP3

I LOVE DIGSBY! Lets you have an icon in your system tray for Facebook, MySpace and Twitter each. Displays on the icon whenever you have new requests, invites, updates, etc. Clicking on the icon will bring up a feed of recent activity and double clicking on the icon will take you to your home page. Gives you notifications of new emails with MSN, GMail and Yahoo mail as well as any extra email address you want to add. Best of all, it combines every IM protocol into one window so you can be logged onto everything and manage it from the one spot.


YouTube Downloader [Windows]
Need a video off YouTube? Just put the link in and there you go. Just be careful about copyright.