Useful Firefox Extensions Part 1

Tue 14 October, 2008

Yes, Chrome has come out and it is faster, but Firefox still has some strengths that keep me from changing. The major one of these is extensions.

Extensions are free addons which provide Firefox with increased functionality and features, improving your web browsing experience. This list is of the ones which I have found to be the most useful. If you don’t find any of these useful or perhaps you do and want even more, I encourage you find and try out others at Mozilla’s database – https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/ .

After realising I’m not going to finish this for ages after already procrastinating with it for months, I’m going to post these in instalments. So if you have a favourite add on, let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out. There’s a good chance I’m already going to have it on my list, though.

But enough, let’s just get to the list.

AdBlock Plus

You have to download this, no excuses. Blocks 99% of ads on the net, banner ads, popup ads, annoying moving around the screen ads, those stupid ads that make sounds when you move your mouse over them, etc. Also, if you wish to see ads on a certain page, you can tell AdBlock to allow ads for certain pages or domains.

IE Tab

Found that some pages don’t work in Firefox? Right click the link and you can select to open it in a new tab using IE from within your browser. Problem solved. You can also click on the Firefox logo on the bottom right hand of the browser to swap it into IE mode.


I find this to be the easiest to use IRC client around, even better than dedicated programs such as mIRC.


Download manager built into Firefox, gives you the option to use it when the file download box appears. Great for huge files.

del.icio.us Bookmarks

Bookmark the page your browsing to delicious with the press of a button, no more having to copy the link and open delicious.

Net Usage Item

Displays how much data you have used in the current month and how close you are to your cap. Works with almost every Australian ISP.
In order for it to appear you may have to right click in empty space on your Toolbar go to Customize and then drag Additional Usage Item 1 onto wherever you want it.


Useful for people wondering where the site they’re on is located in the world, will show you the country’s flag either in the bottom right corner or at the end of your Address bar.

English (Australian) Dictionary

Spell checker whilst you type with a description that sums it up well. “I’m sick of all my favoUrite coloUrful language being marked incorrect.”


Great for web designers and graphics people. Places an eyedropper tool you can select from the bottom left corner of the browser, customisable to show whatever colour value you wish ie. RGB or hex.

Youtube Comment Snob

I love this extension, can’t stand all the stupid comments on Youtube videos? Sick of the fact that a video about a kitten eating corn has an argument about McCaine and Obama in the comments? Well worry no more, they all disappear with this.

Stay tuned for the 2nd part due out some time in the near future.


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