Tue 2 September, 2008

Was my birthday on Sunday, had a good time after church at Dan’s. Feels good that I can’t be called a teenager anymore. I’m getting a new computer chair amongst other things like raiding Koorong, I’m such a nerd.



  1. hehehe yes, yes yu are – and we love ya for it 🙂
    Twas good hanging out w/ you @ dans.

    How can it feel good not to be a teenager! dont u feel old?

  2. Hi Luke,

    Sorry this is a bit of a random place to contact you but I couldn’t find anywhere with your details. I read a post you wrote on Craig’s wall the other day saying “I’ve helped plant two churches so far”. I’m only 21 so similar age to you, was wondering what sort of things you were able to help out in planting. Been thinking about it a lot lately but just not sure what I can help to make a church plant happen whilst being so young!

    What are your thoughts?


  3. Haysey, yes. I don’t feel old but it keeps sounding old when I say it to myself.

  4. hey man, what’s the best antivirus/firewall/watever product on the market?
    I’m using Vista, and currently feeling Norton Internet Security is worse than the virus its protecting me from!

    ps did u reply to Trev’s comment above?

  5. Yeah I emailed him.
    I endorse all the products on this list, they’re very well researched and reflect the choices of the IT community. http://www.techsupportalert.com/pc/security-tools.html

  6. Thanks man, its a great list!

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