Canberra Trip

Thu 10 July, 2008

So I just got back from a few days in Canberra, I was seeing a good friend called Les Sillis. Some of you may know him, if you don’t know name you may remember an basketball camp with a group of American Christians that was run a few years ago at CCEC, well he organised that. He’s also the man responsible for converting the ex-Rugby League player Jason Stevens who wrote a book about waiting until marriage for sex among others. Anyway, he’s been diagnosed with what the doctors believe is cerebral vasculitis, he was having mini-strokes and has sustained some memory loss. He’s been having chemo treatments as well as other pretty strong medication. Overall he’s doing pretty well though, he’s recovering well and it’s all looking up. Still, prayer for Les would be great.

In lighter news I also visited the War Memorial (now that I think about it that isn’t very light at all), which was an excellent and moving experience. I reccomend it as something to see if you’re ever in Canberra.



  1. “now that I think about it that isn’t very light at all”

    Les sounds like a champ!

  2. My husband Kerry & I knew & spent a lot of time together in past years. He & my husband rodeo’d together.

    I rang Les a couple of years ago (at the prompting of our sons) and he had been to come visit us in Victoria, but we’ve lost track of him again & haven’t seen him.

    If you get a chance, please pass on my love to him & tell him we’ll be praying for healing for him.


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